Carroll Organization remains majority owned by its founder, M. Patrick Carroll. Overtime, Carroll has brought strategic investors into the ownership of the company that bring not only meaningful capital, but also a depth of experience to help guide the company's future growth. Carroll strongly believes in having the interests of senior management aligned with the long-term success of the business and our investments. Along with the principals of Carroll Organization and outside capital partners, the senior management team actively invests in all Carroll sponsored investments.

  • M. Patrick Carroll
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Josh Champion
    President & Chief Investment Officer

Senior Management Team

  • Jamie S. Lee
    Chief Financial Officer
  • David Perez
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Andrew Zelman
    Executive Vice President | Investments
  • Reinaldo (Rey) Pascual
    General Counsel

Management Team

  • Stefanie Bertcher
    Vice President | Finance
  • Melanie Brasher
    Vice President | People
  • Scott Gilpatrick
    Vice President | Property Management
  • Pavan K. Nanduri
    Vice President | Information Systems
  • Nancy Lovell
    Regional Vice President | Property Management
  • Tracy williams
    Regional Vice President | Property Management
  • Noah Echols
    Sr. Director | Marketing and Communications

Directors and Associates

  • Jermaine Nelson
    Head of Security
  • Casey Barber
    Director | Investments
  • Jon Gilliam
    Director | Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Audrey Grant-Lott
    Director | People Development
  • Mike Martello
    Director | Investments
  • Sadler Walker
    Director | Investments
  • Eddy Chan
    Property Controller
  • Easley Hooff
    Associate | Investments
  • Morgan McClung
    Associate | Investments