At the core of Carroll Organization's investment philosophy are the following beliefs:

  • Over the long term, demand for Multifamily for rental housing will outstrip supply in high growth markets. We monitor delivery of new product, focused on specific submarkets, to identify pockets of value that are currently in high demand with limited supply.
  • We believe that no one is capable of consistently timing the market cycles, so we capitalize all our investments conservatively. This includes the amount of leverage we use, the holding time we project to own our investments, and consistent monitoring of the changing dynamics in our given markets.
  • We seek to get the majority of our return through free cashflow generated by the properties we own (Current Returns on Equity Invested). Targeting assets we believe we that we can project multiple years of defensible earnings, while spotting opportunities to improve the assets earning power (cashflow generation) overtime, is how we measure the attractiveness of a potential Investment.
  • We seek to build meaningful long-term partnerships with our Investors, Lenders, and Employees. We personally invest in every acquisition we make, as we have found that aligning our interests is one of the best to build the type of relationships we want. In addition, we incentivize our Operations team to exceed projections, and we are happy to compensate them when they do.
  • We implement a disciplined, and rigorous investment process. Through thoughtful identification of Investment Opportunities (including specific submarket selection based on long term fundamentals), proactive management, and various value enhancing strategies (including redevelopment), we aim to generate attractive risk adjusted returns.

Carroll Organization is an Active Real Estate Investor Focused on the Following:

  • Value Add Investments in Multifamily
  • Core Plus Investing in Multifamily
  • Opportunistic Investing in Multifamily
  • Development Opportunities in Multifamily
  • Mixed Use Investments (Multifamily and Retail)

Investor Portal

The Carroll Organization Investor Portal launched in January 2016 provides existing investors secure access to both their current and historical quarterly reporting documents for all of their Carroll Organization investments.