Investor, Owner, Operator

Carroll Organization actively invests in, owns, and operates Multifamily Housing in High Growth Markets throughout the United States. With the Mindset of a disciplined Investor, and the internal capabilities of an Owner/ Operator,  our investments leverage our expertise in property management operations to mitigate the risks and maximize the rewards inherent in multifamily real estate.

Carroll Organization has completed over $6.4 billion of multifamily apartment investments by leveraging our vast partnerships with Institutional Capital, and thorough understanding of the Real Estate Capital Markets.  Our Investments provide comprehensive access to the real estate asset class and an appropriate risk adjusted return at all points in the investment risk spectrum. Our focus is on properties where we have the ability to add value through redevelopment and efficient management. Our range of investment strategies gives Carroll and our partners the ability to tailor real estate investments based on market conditions, supply/ demand fundamentals, and risk tolerance levels we are comfortable at every stage in the real estate cycle. Each new investment (property) offers many attractive return aspects in regards to current yield, capital appreciation, and prudent use of leverage.

Value Add Strategy

Value add investments offer a strong balance of current cash flow and future appreciation. These assets are traditionally located in recovering primary markets as well as in secondary markets. Often, property rents are below market levels and present opportunities to increase cash flow by improving the physical conditions of the assets, implementing effective leasing strategies to retenant properties and improving management. Moderate leverage (60.0% to 70.0%) can enhance yield while still allowing for healthy debt service coverage. Overall returns in the value added sector currently range from 14.0% to 18.0%.

Core Plus

Core plus investments typically exhibit similar characteristics of core investments in both quality physical construction and prime location, but present more opportunity to increase NOI through organic rent growth, light renovation programs and improved management. Like core investments, a large majority of the return will come in the form of current yield with a smaller percentage projected from price appreciation. Overall returns currently range between 10.0% and 14.0% and leverage levels tend to average 50.0% to 60.0%.


Core assets typically deliver a secure return, largely generated from ongoing current property cash flow. Core properties tend to be well leased, located in major markets and built in the most sought after locations in these markets. The core category offers lower overall returns which are below 8.0% in the current market environment; however, investors view these returns as more secure given strong demand for these properties and lower leverage levels traditionally used with these investments

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